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To deliver our promise of making the web work for you, we had to create our own definition of the business we are in. Simply put, we call ourselves a 'web services company'. This is what we do... Build: We build web sites and web based applications that are relevant to a client's needs. These encompass - static websites, dynamic eCommerce platforms, interactive web applications, web based tools such as documentation systems, content management systems, online surveys, among others.

Deploy: Having built the application we then deploy them to appropriate web servers. These could be owned and managed by our clients, owned by our clients but managed by us, or owned and managed by us entirely.

Optimise: The web environment is constantly changing. We make use of web analytics extensively to ensure that the performance of the website or tools is optimum technologically, in terms of user experience and from a perspective of the end business result the application is expected to deliver.

Manage: We also offer web-mastering services to manage the web application on an ongoing basis, on behalf of our clients.

Market: Above all, the web application needs to achieve the business goals of the client. We offer the complete gamut of online marketing activities that enable our clients profit from the web.